Nova Scotia High Speed Internet


What is the outbound SMTP server? for Forest Glen, Caledonia and Greenfield

How do I test my speed?

Can I keep my email or do you offer email addresses?

No: If you have a BellAliant, Sympatico or Eastlink email address you will lose your email address upon cancellation.

We only offer broadband Internet, so we suggest you subscribe to GMail,, Yahoo! or other 3rd party free email services.

Do you have telephone and TV?

No: We only offer broadband Internet

What does Line of Sight (LoS) mean?

You have to visually see our transmitter location, no trees, no buildings, no obstructions of any kind from your house or business.

How do I pay?

You pay NCS Network for your monthly service with Credit Card, e-Transfer, PayPal, or Cheque (You cannot pay at the bank)
Your payment is due on receipt of invoice.